IATI Import for Stata

Overall, I have been very impressed with the level of support of the foreign aid community globally for open data.  The International Aid Transparency Initiative in particular has championed this cause and now functions as a centralized clearinghouse for such data in the IATI standard. As a sociologist who sometimes analyzes aid data for my … Read more

Visualizing Marginal Effects

On October 21st, I presented a short instructional workshop to the Quantitative Social Science in the Arts Group here at Memorial.  The topic of the workshop was Visualizing Marginal Effects using Stata. To download the .do file for the workshop click: here

Global Aid Network redux

My last nwmovie test using the full 51 years of OECD aid network data I  collected for my SSHRC-funded project “The Institutionalization of the Global Foreign Aid Network 1960-2008”.  Nodes are sized by in- and outdegree centrality for donors (red) and recipients (blue) respectively, though on different scales.  The process of visualizing and rendering the animated … Read more

Canada’s Bilateral Aid Network over Time

Following on my recent post on visualizing the global aid network using the nwcommands package in Stata, I thought I would try my luck at another animated visualization of Canada’s ‘ego network’ of aid ties from 1960 through 2010.  I managed to achieve the sizing of nodes by USD value of aid ties over time for … Read more

Global Aid Network Visualization: nwmovie in Stata

I’ve been exploring Thomas Grund‘s excellent nwcommands package for Stata with the 50 years of aid network data collected from the OECD DAC. It appears to have many functionalities that appeal to the existing Stata user who wants to do SNA and also seems to incorporate some good tools to deal with longitudinal networks.  One interesting function is … Read more